About Fried

We take our bourbon neat. Hot Chicken five stars. Amps overdriven. We prefer bonfires to fire pits Monster trucks over luxury coups. Our passions in life are the ones teachers said were a waste of time, our relatives didn’t understand, and the pastor, bless his heart, said would lead us to ruination.

We believe in working hard and playing harder. We believe in rock n’ roll. We believe the only path to a nice deep sleep is a hard day’s work and sometimes a hard day’s night. We believe in punching above our weight class. We believe in taking a blue-collar approach to the very cushy job we have of being lucky enough to draw cool stuff for even cooler people. We believe in setting goals, having a good plan, and basking in the glow of accomplishment.

We love clients who like to push buttons, get loud and have some fun doing it. We love to work. It’s what we do when we aren’t working.

Feel like we might be a good fit? Pull up a seat and pour a drink - let’s get started.

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